March 23, 2020

Kosher Retailers Rise to the Challenge with Deliveries and Restocking

Brooklyn…At first it was a run on hand sanitizers, Purell, gloves, toilet paper, paper towels, and masks but soon customers began to horde water, bread and other everyday foods. At Pomegranate, hundreds opted for home delivery rather than shopping the store. At Evergreen in Monsey, shoppers lined up well before the opening of the store. At Bingo in Boro Park, the lines were literally “out the door” even with limitations on Kleenex and toilet paper. With the growing panic over the spread of the Corona pandemic, kosher stores have been overrun. “It’s a combination of people hoarding, regular shoppers, and many people now realizing that they will be making Passover in their homes,” said one kosher store. He added: “Despite assurances that we will be resupplied and restocked, customers are in a panic that the situation may change in a heartbeat.” For the many who are working from home or are in self-quarantine, delivery is the only option.” In New York City, this is also the case for restaurants who can no longer seat patrons but must focus on takeout and delivery.