June 6, 2016

Kosher Retailers Move Quickly from Cheesecake to Hot Dogs

New York - This will be the week of the cheesecake, a basic staple in the dairy diet traditionally eaten during Shavuot that begins this Saturday night June 11th for 2 days, immediately following the Shabbat. The ”3-day” holiday will, of course, mean more than merchandising dairy products for the obligatory dairy meal. It also includes the full gamut of traditional holiday foods from fish and meat to dips and side dishes. Each of the weekly magazines had supplements on Shavuot meal ideas, including Tnuva, Israel’s largest dairy still seeking to reach its full potential in the US market. Tnuva published a standalone booklet which was inserted into many newspapers and magazine. But several store managers were lamenting that the end of Shavuot almost falls into the lap of the summer season with its heavy emphasis on outdoor foods, including barbecuing. Several plan displays of the barbecue foods almost immediately after the holiday with schools due to end the year and summer vacations beginning almost immediately. One retailer said that his refrigerator was already filled with the franks and “we are about ready to go.”