November 2, 2020

Kosher Retailers Dodge Food Shortages but Face Other Household Item Shortages

New York…The national story during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic is that there are many shortages due to many truckers being stricken and even due to some factory closings. But miraculously, say kosher independent supermarkets, they were spared of any serious shortages of food, albeit that they continue to experience problems with the supply of many other non-food items. “There are still shortages of paper towel, cleaning products, and any antibacterial cleaning agents,” said Mayer Gold, Vice President of Operations for the Seasons Kosher Supermarket chain. He noted, however, that gloves, masks and hand sanitizers are readily available, but they are still extremely expensive compared to pre-COVID pricing.

At Gourmet Glatt there are very few shortages of food but “the same items that have been tight all along are still a problem,” says Howard Klagsbrun of Gourmet Glatt. He noted that there was no shortage of most brands of paper towels save for Bounty that still remains very tight. Anything Lysol is still really short and some Clorox items still are hard to get. He added: “Branded wipes are in very short supply however I’m getting off brand which are also 99.9% bacteria wipes which work just as well for close to reasonable prices.” Klagsbrun sees as “a big boost to off brands as people have had to get used to doing things differently than they always have.” Other stores like Evergreen are having similar experiences. Abraham Banda of Pomegranate says that Lysol products are the only items that are in short supply in his Flatbush supermarket.