March 31, 2020

Kosher Retailers Control Crowds, Step up Home Delivery for Passover

Monsey, NY…Kosher supermarkets throughout the country were imposing their own quarantines limiting access to only one family member in some cases. In keeping with the social distancing requirements imposed by the authorities, some stores have installed partitions between cashiers and shoppers. But despite some empty shelves, the supermarkets are by and large stocked for Passover. Most of the stores were well stocked with the Passover items before the Coronavirus, but many of the large distributors like Kayco have made sure that there was an ample supply of the major brands for Passover including Matzoh. While some kosher food executives expect some shortages, the stores feel that they will be amply stocked. According to Rabbi Moshe Elefant, COO of the Orthodox Union Kashrus Division, Kosher slaughter has continued without interruption, assuring an ample supply of meat and poultry.

The biggest challenge for the kosher retailers these days has been to have an adequate labor force and to keep up with the demand for deliveries with so many people staying at home.