January 8, 2018

Kosher Retail Landscape Continues to Evolve

A new Costco like discounter, Bingo, opened in Boro Park and initially took almost 25% share from neighboring stores, but eventually the stores only lost 8% - 10% of business to Bingo with the exception of the holidays, say local retailers. Although rumors have it of a planned expansion by the Israel-based retailer to other communities, there is no confirmation.

Meanwhile, Seasons is poised to become the first national kosher supermarket chain. It opened new stores in Scarsdale (New York), and Baltimore (Maryland), expanding from the company’s established marketplace in New York and New Jersey. The company operates two stores in Lawrence, including a Seasons Express that is open 24 hours a day. Other stores are in Lakewood NJ, Manhattan, Kew Garden Hills, and Clifton NJ, the largest of the stores with approximately 35,000 square feet.