November 20, 2018

Kosher Restaurateurs Reveal Impact of Change on the Business

Secaucus, NJ…Passion rather than profit is what motivates some of the legendary chefs who own some of the best-known kosher restaurants. Chefs Jeff Nathan of Abigael's Restaurant (NYC), Mike Gershkovich of Mike's Bistro (NYC) and Bryan Gryka of Milt's BBQ (Chicago) engaged in an open conversation with Elan Kornblum, known as the “Kosher Restaurant Guy,” who moderated a session at last week’s Kosherfest 2018 entitled “Trends and State of Kosher Restaurants.” A15- year veteran of the kosher restaurant scene, who has visited over 1000 kosher restaurant worldwide, Mr. Kornblum called the session “an eye opener for some and a reality check for others.” Some of the issues discussed was the impact of an increased minimum wage, the often-nagging issues around customer service (i.e. don't be afraid to speak up but don't finish the entire dish and then return it), phone etiquette, the positive and negative effects of social media, the importance of good kosher supervisions, misconceptions (it’s not just about the cooking), and looking ahead to the future. According to the restaurateurs, smoked food, organic ingredients and gluten free are in while kale is out.