August 20, 2018

Kosher Restaurants Use Technology to Increase Business

Brooklyn…Technology is changing the way kosher restaurants and other eating establishments do business. Many kosher restaurants routinely use services like Uber Eats, despite the hefty 30% commission. On-line ordering has become commonplace as almost every restaurant nowadays has its menu posted on its website. Having the menus on-line has also been a plus for customers actually planning their meals in advance. Reservations are increasingly shifting from the phone to on-line and even in a few cases special apps. Diners routinely use social media to photograph and “share” interesting dishes, especially making note of the presentations. Despite these changes, most restaurants could not quantify the impact on their bottom line. Some credited technology for stabilizing their businesses in an age of increased competition.

Elan Kornblum, a leading expert of the kosher food restaurant scene, agrees that the benefit of services like Uber Eats offsets the high commission rates. He adds: “In the same fashion, social media and the amount of information online has replaced traditional media like newspapers and mailings, where customers do their research online before going to a restaurant. Whether, it's looking at menus (and out menu feature is the most popular tool on our website - or seeing reviews online or asking for recommendations, both an integral part of our Facebook Foodie Group. Gone are the days where you can just list a restaurant's contact info and people will come. With so many restaurants out there and competition always around the corner, getting that information out there that separates you from the others is the difference between someone coming in or not.”