September 2, 2020

Kosher Restaurants Reopen but Mostly Outdoor Dining

Brooklyn…Crown Heights, known worldwide as being the headquarters of the Lubavitch movement, has become a kosher dining mecca and with outdoor dining one can readily see the diversity of the themes. Gruits, Izzy’s Smokehouse, Boeuf and Bun, Bakerie, Mozzarella, and Basil to name some of the better-known names are all offering outdoor dining. With the warm weather, diners were filling almost every empty seat. The restaurant owners, who are just emerging from the travails of the Coronavirus, survived mainly on takeout, catering, and a few from grants from the federal Payroll Protection Program (PPP). A number of restaurants indeed closed altogether. But those that survived have in just the last two weeks experienced a significant uptick in reservations, which would suggest that people were returning to eating out. Patrons seemed elated at the thought of eating out at their favorite restaurant, albeit in an outdoor pen. The restaurateurs worry that if the State does not relax its restrictions on indoor dining that they will lose customers because of the upcoming cold weather. Some said that many of their loyal patrons will simply not eat out and prefer takeout or delivery. “It’s the younger crowd that loves the experience of eating outdoors,” said one manager. But in New York, Mayor DeBlasio indicated that outdoor dining would continue for the foreseeable future, albeit that Governor Murphy of New Jersey has already announced the opening of indoor dining.