March 7, 2016

Kosher Restaurants Define Kosher Cuisine, Experts Say

New York - It is no longer a secret that on balance, kosher restaurants all over the country have gone upscale. Just ask some of the foodies who are now in the habit of photographing their dishes and posting them on such social media as Facebook and Instagram. Some of the foodies say that restaurant recipes have gone viral and are in great measure defining the latest standard for upscale kosher cuisine. Elan Kornblum, "The Restaurant Guy," ( who covers the kosher restaurant scene agrees that kosher restaurants have become a dominant force in raising the bar of kosher cuisine. His own

Facebook group with over 19,000 people has allowed chefs to communicate outside of the kitchen with their customers on a personal yet professional level “like never before.” For the first time, thanks to social media, chefs are in actual dialogue with diners about their dishes.

Katsuji Tanabe from MexiKosher has used his participation on the TV food shows along with his social media channels to propel himself to ultra-celebrity status. The 2 pop-ups Elan’s group did with him in New York at Pitopia were huge successes as was the pop up with Milt's BBQ chef, Bryan Gryka who has been able to give a chef's perspective through his chef stories to social media readers. David Benrey from Harbour Grill in Miami and Albert Bijou from the Coffee Bar in Lawrence are other examples of chefs who have been able to post their creations of their restaurants and receiving direct communication. Many chefs are owners of their restaurants, allowing them to dictate the cuisine, from veterans like Jeff Nathan of Abigael's and Mike Gershkovich of Mike's Bistro to Moses Wendel of Pardes to Sruli Eidelman of Izzy's BBQ. Jeff who is well known from his TV shows is also a consultant to such companies as Empire, owned by Hain Celestial. As much as kosher cookbooks have for years been the primary vehicle for defining upscale kosher cooking and in many respects continue to do so, the kosher restaurants have definitely become the primary medium defining kosher to a generation that has learned to incorporate upscale kosher into their kitchens.