May 16, 2011

Kosher Purveyors Pitched in to Help Jewish Poor on Passover

New York…Empire Kosher Poultry donated more than 8,000 lbs. of poultry to help feed the Jewish poor this past Passover. Manischewitz sent a truckload of Matzoh and other Passover products valued at $20,000 as part of its contribution to the New York Metropolitan Coordinating Council on Jewish Poverty which this year provided Passover food to more than 54,000 families. According to Met Council officials, in addition to the donations, many other purveyors offered kosher food at severely reduced prices. They included Kenover Marketing, Kedem, Gold’s, Osem, Haddar, Quality, California Delight, & Vineland Kosher poultry. Jewish agencies serving the Jewish poor around the country said they had received many donations from local merchants, super market chains and private donors. In New York, Met Council distributed more than 2.7 million lbs. of food as opposed to 1.5 million lbs. in 2010. Mr. Benny Wechsler, Director of Met Council’s Food Program said that the agency distributed more than a million lbs. of non produce foods, 115,000 lbs. of poultry, and more than 1.5 million lbs. of produce.