May 27, 2014

Kosher Purveyors Look for New Products at Candy Show

CHICAGO — At times it looked like a slice of Kosherfest had landed at McCormick Place at the Sweet & Snacks Expo, May 20-22. Many kosher food manufacturers, distributors and brokers could be seen walking the aisles. Yakov Yarmove of Jewel Osco marveled at how many Orthodox Jews had come to this show, even being part of three minyanim for Mincha services. The show featured many  new and interesting items that seemed to be of interest to the kosher buyers. There was an assortment of Keenwa Crunch snacks, Jennies Backpack Snakers (Gluten-Free Macaroons), Old Dutch Ripple Appetizers (chips), Chickpea Snacks, and many more kosher certified items that could turn up on kosher shelves within the next few months. 

Kosher industry officials say that there is a growing trend towards healthier and natural snacks, and the fewer calories the better. But at the same time the old fashion sugary snacks also seem to be growing, say the officials. Food trade shows of all kinds have become increasingly popular with kosher food trade buyers as they search for the new products that will help drive their brands. For some kosher distributors and brokers or brands that private label the products they distribute, new products account for nearly 20% - 25% of annual sales.