August 26, 2013

Kosher Peace Dividend Put on Hold in Middle East

JERUSALEM — Rabbinic sources have long whispered that they frequently provide kosher certification in Egypt and Jordan, the two Arab countries that have signed a peace treaty in Israel. The sources say that for security reasons they never speak about these kosher certifications openly but they acknowledge that recent unrest in Egypt, for example, has for the time being resulted in a suspension of these kosher certifications. 

Several Egyptian factories that marketed reliably kosher food to Israel will be affected. “At a time when we cannot guarantee our workers’ safety one hundred percent, the policy is not to put them in danger,” said a statement from Rabbi David Moskowitz, the Admor of the Shatz Hassidic movement in Ashdod and head of the SKS-Lemehadrin kosher label. As soon as the violence in Egypt subsides, the question of sending workers to supervise kosher food production will be reconsidered, he added. At some international food shows, at least one olive oil manufacturer from Jordan sported kosher certification from an Israeli rabbi.