January 26, 2015

More Kosher Options for Growing Number of Travelling Businessmen and Vacationers

NEW  YORK — There is mounting evidence that the number of Orthodox travelers, particularly by air, has more than doubled in just the last five years. One can sense this trend just by visiting one of the major airports like New York, Chicago, Atlanta and Los Angeles. More Orthodox Jews are traveling either for business or pleasure and the challenge of eating kosher while away has never been greater. Unless the destination is at city where there are many kosher options, the traveler is forced to either pre-ship food to a destination or to shlep along on the trip. But the options for the kosher traveler has never been greater.

Many supermarkets prepare and deep freeze meals as do take-out establishments. One can take along the shelf-stable meals like La Briute, My Own Meals, Gourmet to Go (by Schulz), and Amazing Meals (Meal Mart). There are caterers that ship meals directly to hotel destinations. Brooklyn’s Schick’s Take Home & Catering, founded by Joseph Schick in 1939, has long been a provider of the travel meals. Schick’s recently introduced kosher travel meals that can be purchased online, with next day delivery.

Also for purchase are Shabbat meals conveniently packaged for those spending the weekend away. Despite the growing number of kosher travelers in cities like New York, there are still limited choices at airports. One recent traveler could be seen heating a La Briute meal at JFK’s Terminal 4. He lamented that “there is still no kosher restaurant here despite the fact that more kosher people pass through here than do at Yankee Stadium or the US Open.” That may be true, but at least there are today many options for anyone who wishes to shlep the many meals that are now available.