May 9, 2016

Some Kosher Markets Jump into “Other” Post-Passover Jewish Holidays

Chicago - Life after Passover for most kosher retailers revolves around what many jokingly refer to as the “restocking holiday.” For Jews who observe Passover the days after the holiday is a time to restock depleted pantries and refrigerators. Stores too must restock shelves and revert back to year-round mode. Even in stores with enough space to keep year-round shelves that are simply uncovered right after the holiday, removing Passover items and restocking other aisles is a major task. Some retailers put Passover items on sale for a short time. One retailer said: “Most people shun Passover items once the holiday is over but a small percentage do buy Passover items that are sharply discounted. After all the shelf life does not expire just because Passover has ended.” At Jewel-Osco, the immediate focus was not only on reverting back to year-round mode but preparing for Israel’s Independence Day (Yom Haatzmaut) which is celebrated on May 12th. In its ads, Jewel-Osco promoted “Celebrate with Fine Foods from Israel” with many specials on Israeli products, namely Osem including its popular Croutons, Consommé, Bisli and Bamba products. While such a program is limited to a select number of stores, the next holiday will be Shavuos which falls on June 12-13 but actually is preceded with a Shabbat, a day earlier making for a “3-day holiday” and healthy sales for grocers.