November 10, 2014

Kosher Market Continues to Expand Albeit Not in All Markets

New York…Demographics are definitely a factor in the continued growth of kosher in the US. Although there have been no significant new studies of the market since 2012, the evidence points to a 12% increase in major markets like New York, Chicago and Miami with significant declines in smaller markets due to the transition to a younger market, many who are not involved with kosher. In larger cities, the dramatic growth of the Orthodox Jewish community is in most cases more than filling the gap. Yet, kosher remains popular with all classes of consumers as anecdotal evidence points to more non-traditional consumers buying kosher as are many Muslims who buy kosher, especially when not near Halal stores. The number of Americans who are believed to keep kosher year-round is 1.3 million with many other people occasionally eating kosher such as Jews on holidays or even non-Jews when they entertain groups that include at least a few people who eat kosher. The number of goods produced in the US with a kosher symbol exceeds $300 billion in sales, topped only by the estimated $370 billion in ingredients. More than 200,000 items on US supermarket shelves have some form of kosher certification. Approximately 2500 items were newly certified in 2013. Passover remains the busiest selling season for kosher with an estimated $2.5 billion of foods sold for the holiday ranging from the kosher Coca Cola to Matzoh believed to have topped $85 million in 2014. Nearly 75% of American Jews participated in Passover in some way with many non-Jews also enjoying either a Seder (or model Seder) or Passover foods like Matzo and Macaroons.  The kosher meat market is believed to be at approximately $550 million with 45% being glatt kosher.