October 29, 2012

Kosher Makes Waves at SIAL

PARIS -- SIAL is a must do show for many in the food industry. Held last week in Paris, the show is one of the world’s largest, and in recent years a place where many kosher companies and industry officials gather. According to one visitor, there were at least 200 booths with some sort of kosher certifications, including several from Europe with dual kosher and Halal certifications. The Israeli pavilion was well designed with 25 Israeli companies participating, organized by the Israel Export Institute. 

Many of the companies will be taking a short break before heading to New York to participate in Kosherfest. In general, there were many new upscale gourmet products that seemed to have taken existing products to a whole new level. 

Said the visitor: “The packaging was absolutely magnificent, from bottled water to gourmet sauces.” He said that several distributors from the US and Israel were simply scouring some of the 3,000 or so stands to see “what can be made kosher.”