October 11, 2010

Kosher Makes Waves Around the World

New York…It’s truly been a busy few weeks in kosher with many new restaurant openings, changes in the supermarket world, and more. Kosher Today has learned that Dr. Pepper will soon feature an OK symbol on its products. Tootsie Roll is being marketed in kosher stores with Quality Foods being a major distributor. Under the “far” category would clearly be the new kosher slaughter-house for chickens in the Black Sea port-city of Novorossiysk, near Krasnodar. The Federation of Jewish Communities of the CIS reports that the new slaughter-house will use chickens from Novorossiysk, perform shechita according to the standards of Chabad-Lubavtich, and then make them available to Jewish communities throughout Russia. Rabbi Yitzchak Kogan of Moscow will oversee the shechita process, and the chickens will officially be under the supervision of Berel Lazar, the Chief Rabbi of Russia. In West Hartford, Connecticut, where the news that Big Y will take over the Waldbaum’s and continue the kosher program there added to the news that the Jewish community will be able to shop for deli products at Crown Market that are certified glatt kosher by the Hartford Kashrut Commission (HKC). A new deli with glatt kosher meat will soon be up and running at the Market. Oklahoma State University’s Adams Market, of the University’s Dining Services, recently opened a kosher gelato shop to serve the university’s students and faculty. The shop, Scoops, serves Talenti gelato (formerly written about in Kosher Today), and offers flavors such as Dulce de Leche, Roman Raspberry, Blood Orange, and Belgian Milk Chocolate. The Talenti gelato is OU kosher certified.

Another product covered in Kosher Today (in the new product spotlight), Tribe Hummus (in the new product spotlight), recently won an award from Cooking Light’s Taste Awards, the Tasties. The all-natural hummus won the top honor in the hummus category. The product is available at major grocery stores throughout the nation and in many natural foods markets. In Israel, for the first time ever, Eden Teva Market, a natural foods supermarket chain, will be certified kosher by the Chief Rabbinate. The effort to get over 700 products – many imported from the Far East – kosher certified took a year and nearly $150,000. Despite the other products in the store being kosher, because those imported items did not have the proper certification, the chain’s stores were unable to be fully kosher-certified. The chain also opened up its own meat factory which will supply the stores exclusively with meat. Eden Teva has stores in ten locations throughout Israel, and plans to open an additional three stores in cities like Beersheva and Rechovot. The owners of Eden Teva project that sales will increase up to 8 percent with the new kosher certification.