October 19, 2020

Kosher Industry in Major Advertising Blitz During Holidays

New York…The bulky holiday editions of Orthodox magazines and newspapers featured an unusual number of large ads from kosher food purveyors. Dispersed amongst many other ads from entities that target the Orthodox market, much of the advertising sought to reinforce brand identity or to introduce new products. Most of the ads were full pages and in color. The predominant vehicle for the kosher companies nowadays is the Orthodox print media led by such magazines as Ami and Mishpacha and newspapers like Hamodia, Yated Ne’eman and the Jewish Press. In addition to the print media, necessary because it is the only media permissible on the holidays, many of the food companies marketed on social media on such platforms like Instagram. Popular on-line kosher sites like kosher.com and jaimiegeller.com also had a great deal of content including many holiday recipes on the eve of the holidays.

Marketing experts note an appreciable decline in merchandising at the kosher groceries. They say that much of the merchandising which used to include special flags, posters, frequent tasting and special end-cap displays have been replaced by on-line promotions on the sites of the grocers. They also are concerned that the print clutter may lead to reduced recall for some specific ads.