March 20, 2017

Kosher Independent Stores Concerned Discounter will Hinder “One-Stop” Shopping

Brooklyn - The scene of large crowds at the new Bingo Supermarket on 60th Street in Boro Park several days before the recent Purim holiday is disconcerting to many of the area’s kosher supermarkets and smaller grocery stores as they prepare for the upcoming Passover holiday. The new Costco-like kosher super store offered steep discounts for many of the foods that were used for the Mishloach Manot and for other items like costumes, toys, and special Judaica items used for the holiday. While the new store has challenged retailers in the area since it opened several months ago, the concern is that Bingo will lure their usual Passover customers with many loss leaders, including hand-made Shmura Matzohs. One distributor told Kosher Today: “What we saw on Purim was how one store can become a key holiday destination and that is particularly a problem for the locals this Pesach.” For many of the kosher supermarkets in the area, being a “one-stop” destination for Passover is extremely important for the bottom line. The distributor continued: “They work on very small mark-ups on many of the items and if they lose business to Bingo, I cannot imagine their having a good holiday season.” He said that because Bingo does not have the variety many of the independents have, customers will still have to make a stop at the traditional kosher supermarket but with a far smaller shopping cart. Meanwhile, rumors are rampant that Bingo’s next stop is Williamsburg and that it is also actively searching for a location in Monsey. Kosher Today has not been able to confirm these rumors.