February 20, 2018

Kosher Independent Chain Sets Stage for Store of the Future

Boca Raton…Solomon Goldman has a vision of the kosher food supermarket of the future, a concept he is already putting in place in stores in Southfield Michigan, Boca Raton and Delray Beach, FL. It was just four years ago that the kosher distributor opened the 16,000 square foot One Stop Kosher, a former Hiller’s Supermarket store, to cater to the underserved growing young Jewish community of Detroit. The closing of Hiller’s and the subsequent acquisition by Kroger’s had prompted a huge outcry from kosher consumers. Then it was the 15,000 square foot Grove Kosher Supermarket in Boca Raton and most recently the former 11,000 square foot Glick’s in Delray Beach (which is now glatt kosher), all eventually to fall under the Grove brand. “Our stores are designed to serve the young kosher consumers looking for quick and convenient solutions,” says Sol. “It’s the customer that uses the Smartphone to make his purchases that we will be able to serve.” In fact, he eliminated the counters of deli and instead his large kitchen churns out grab and go items that are fresh and easy to heat in a microwave oven. Freshness is what defines every category in his stores, including bakery. “We’re designing stores much the way Amazon is planning to change grocery retail in the future,” he says. Eventually all it will take is a scan from a phone and “the customer is on his way.” So popular has his Florida store become that he serves large yacht cruises and even the famed Breaker’s Hotel in Palm Beach. “Everything I sell is transparent like our meats that fully disclose the origin of where they were slaughtered or our white trays that identify organic meats.” He prides himself in a flat delivery charge instead of by the box and serving 2 people with the same level of quality and service as 300 including catered dishes on china.