July 9, 2012

Kosher Ice Cream Abounds in US

BALTIMORE, MD -- With very few exceptions, most large national brands of ice cream are certified kosher, usually by one of the major kosher certification agencies. Rabbi Tzvi Rosen, Editor of Kashrus Kurrents, published by the Star-K Kosher Certification, explains that previously non-kosher gelatin was a major barrier to certifying ice cream. 

“The main sources of gelatin are pig skins and cattle bones. Although gelatin was used to emulsify, thicken, and stabilize ice cream, today, other products such as guar gum, carrageenan and locust bean gum or agar agar are used in lieu of the non-kosher gelatin. Furthermore, kosher flavors and kosher emulsifiers have become much more prevalent in the contemporary manufacturing environment, so kosher ice cream manufacturing is no longer a daunting task.” So while it is likely that one will find kosher ice cream at an airport or theme park, there has also been a major improvement in the quality and variety of kosher ice cream that is Cholov Yisroel. 

In fact, the Star-K certifies Pride of the Farm Ice Cream which is produced in an exclusive Cholov Yisroel facility. Klein’s Ice Cream has become a major manufacturer of quality Cholov Yisroel and pareve ice cream products that are increasingly available in many non-traditional locations. Mehadrin is also a key player in the Cholov Yisroel market.