July 11, 2016

Kosher Hot Dog Sales Soar as Abeles and Heymann Claims Best Kosher Hotdog in a Crowded Field

Monticello, NY - At Shoprite and Mountain Fruit as well as Landau’s in South Fallsburg, the number of glatt kosher hotdog brands on its shelves continues to increase from year to year. Sunday barbecues are big in the Catskill Mountains with its estimated summer population of 250,000. Brands like Meal Mart, International, Aaron’s Best, Jack’s, Golan and Abeles and Heymann are just a few of the choices and then there are the different types of franks such as beef, turkey, chicken, spicy and more. Most customers seemed to have a preference based on habit or perception of quality. Only Abeles & Heymann Beef Frankfurters had actually ever won a designation of “top dog” by the Forward newspaper in 2013. Said the Forward: “It is the kosher dog of choice for both the Yankees and Mets, and upon tasting them it is clear that is no coincidence. Juicy and meaty with a crisp bite, an overt rich beef flavor, and a sweet garlic finish. Any Memorial Day with these on the grill will be a good one.” Now it seems that Abeles & Heymann has recently become available at most North and Southeast store locations of BJ’s Wholesale Clubs, according to Seth Leavitt, CEO, Abeles & Heymann, which was founded in 1954 by Oscar Abeles and his Nephew Leopold Heymann. The company initially operated out of a small storefront in Washington Heights, NYC and later expanded to larger headquarters in the Bronx.