January 8, 2018

Kosher Grows by 13%

By all indications, kosher grew by 13% in 2017. Some of the big newsmakers were Kayco which shored up its reach in the West Coast in a strategic alliance with West Pico Food Distributors of Vernon, California…Manischewitz announced changes: “At a challenging time in the retail and grocery business, we have made the difficult decision to close our plant in Newark. Beginning this fall, our products will be made at more modern facilities.” They added: “Manischewitz will continue to offer new and innovative products and packaging for both Passover and year-round.”… A significant percentage of the 9,200 stores 7-Eleven operates in the US will sell kosher fare, according to Fresko, a brand of kosher sold in many venues including many stadiums…The number of Wal-Mart stores that carry kosher food items has exceeded 800.