April 21, 2020

Kosher Groceries Cope with Many Challenges over Passover but Sales are Strong

Lakewood NJ…At Evergreen and Gourmet Glatt store personnel were channeling shoppers into various aisles to avoid congestion in any one aisle and to secure social distancing as much as possible. In Monsey, the Evergreen staff were distributing masks and imploring large families to have only shoppers enter. At Breadberry in Brooklyn there seemed to be an endless stream of vans leaving the store with an unprecedented number of deliveries. This was the new normal at kosher supermarkets as they coped with the realities of the coronavirus pandemic. In Chicago, Jewel-Osco sought to control the number of shoppers. Elsewhere in the city, Mariano’s closed briefly. Concern over the supply of kosher foods turned out to be non-existent as kosher suppliers kept rushing products to stores. According to Rabbi Moshe Elefant, COO of the Orthodox Union (OU) Kashrus Division, most food plants continued operations but he did note a few plant closings due to the lack of healthy personnel.