October 6, 2021

Kosher Goes Green at Next Month’s Kosherfest

Calumet City, IL…by Eda Kram…The kosher mix has changed over the years, a far cry from the traditional products that most people recognized as a kosher product. From Sushi to Ramen, the kosher mix of today is a potpourri of the trendiest food products. Kosherfest has always been the incubator for the new, innovative, and different products and this year’s edition will be no different. One company, Cleanest & Greenest is revolutionizing the kosher greens category. The company says that their “greens are unparalleled in taste, freshness, and cleanliness to bring a new kosher culinary experience to share around the kosher table.” Their growing process and philosophy create an environment where there is no need to wash or check for bugs, while adhering to the highest levels of kosher. Their technology enhanced systems grow vertically indoors 365 days a year with full traceability and transparency from seed to harvest, to shelf.

“Cleanest & Greenest is excited to launch a new product line of kosher greens at Kosherfest 2021 and raise the bar for fresh, flavorful, clean greens,” said Jake Counne, CEO, and founder of Cleanest & Greenest. “Our innovative indoor growing process eliminates the chance for bug contamination, significantly extends shelf life, and allows the plants and their depth of flavor to be the star of the show.” As is customary, the show’s New Product Competition will take place at the Kosher Culinary Center in Brooklyn on October 20th.