December 3, 2012

Kosher Gift Market for Chanukah Soars Despite Early Holiday

NEW YORK — It has long been known in the kosher industry that sales of Chanukah gift baskets do best when the eight-day Jewish holiday falls in close proximity to Christmas. This year Chanukah begins on the eve of December 8th, but yet industry sources expect a near 15% jump in the sale of Chanukah gift baskets. 

Increasingly, on-line shoppers have many more options, ranging from Amazon to kosher Godiva chocolate, the premier kosher line that is certified by the Orthodox Union. The Godiva chocolate comes in an array of products and creative gift baskets. On average, prices range from just under $30 to as high as $300. 

According to industry sources, Chanukah is the most lucrative season for kosher gifts with one estimate saying that it is a $50 million category. “This is the one time of year when non-Jews are buying kosher gifts for their Jewish colleagues; on the other hand even Jews buying for non-Jews prefer to buy kosher – in short it’s a win-win!” said the source. One popular New York store Oh Nuts! has a complete Chanukah store on-line. Many supermarkets that cater to kosher consumers are also displaying kosher gift baskets.

Photo courtesy of Oh Nuts