July 25, 2011

Kosher Fresh Diet Options Expands Its Waistline to Lucrative New York Market

Boca Raton, FL…Valued at over sixty billion dollars worldwide, the diet industry just added some new value for the kosher consumer. A new kosher diet service providing fresh daily meals and snacks to consumers is expanding to include the coveted northeast kosher market. Called Kosher Fresh Diets, a subsidiary of The Fresh Diet, a delivered daily diet meals program, the company is all set to cater to a growing demand for kosher diet prepared foods. The company has its roots in South Florida, serving such cities as Miami, Boca Raton, and Fort Lauderdale. Kosher Fresh Diets is preparing a major expansion into the New York market, including the rollout of a kosher fresh diet express food truck to service midtown Manhattan. Demand for kosher diet programs and foods have increased in recent years with the overall desire for kosher food. Kosher Fresh Diet CEO Zalmi Duchman said that his company is meeting the demand for kosher diet food as well as coupling it with the convenience of delivery. " Kosher meals have been traditionally laden with higher fat and calorie contents,” Duchman said. He added: “This is the ideal plan for those who keep kosher, but who want to lose weight, eat healthy and not spend all of their time in the kitchen trying to do so.”

Kosher Fresh Diet is not alone on the kosher dieting scene. Other companies that cater to the kosher consumer trying to shed a few pounds include Kosherdietplans.com and Kosherdietdelivery.com. Also, a recent addition to the general dieting arena comes from a kibbutz in Israel and takes the shape of an ice cube! The Icecubediet.com utilizes the supposed natural appetite suppressing qualities found in African Hoodia to help people control their calorie intake.