August 22, 2016

Kosher Foodservice Continues to Soar, Experts Say

Brooklyn - Avinoam is a bit superstitious in that he does not believe in planning for the unforeseen and for events that are still not firm. But when his daughter went out on her third date, he called one of the local halls to inquire about a possible date for a hoped for wedding. He factored in that the dating might take another two months, so he picked a date five months hence. It turned out that his suspicions were correct because had he waited the chosen hall would not have been available. According to several caterers in Brooklyn, demand for halls is at its peak prompting news that several new halls are set to open in 2017. Catering is only part of the exploding kosher foodservice scene which is said by many to have grown by more than 15% in the last 12 months. It is widely believed that kosher foodservice is nearly half of the $3.5 billion in sales of kosher ethnic foods which includes glatt kosher meat and poultry and strictly kosher dairy. Food industry officials in the mainstream market predict that foodservice growth will outpace retail sales in 2017 by nearly 5% even as retail on-line sales continue to lead retail sales growth.  They say that foodservice will account for 60% of industry growth. In kosher the growth in 2017 might continue at its current pace given natural population growth and the opening of many new restaurants and facilities such as nursing homes, schools etc.