June 4, 2018

Kosher Foodservice Continues Expansion to 40% of Kosher Industry Sales

Lakewood NJ…With each passing year, there are more kosher restaurants and caterers to serve for an industry that has more than doubled its foodservice sales since 2010. Although served by a cadre of kosher foodservice distributors, chefs in nursing homes, assistant living centers, catering and restaurants are often creative in purchasing kosher foods. One nursing home food buyer says that he buys fresh produce “from the market” and some products from Costco. When you add stadiums, college campuses, hospitals, cruise ships, hotels, and airports, the true picture of an industry that is expanding rapidly and may be approaching 40% comes into view. A new center for new mothers and women in general has recently opened here. The glatt kosher La Isha center is more like a 5-star hotel and when fully completed will included a state-of-the-art spa. Some of the larger foodservice distributors like Costco and US Foodservice also serve many kosher stops. The primary kosher foodservice distributors include Bertram, Dependable and Quality although many manufacturers say that they ship directly. “The growing availability of kosher foods means that almost every food distributor can add kosher,” said one kosher food manufacturer. By one count there are more than 1500 kosher eateries throughout the US. The number of kosher caterers also keeps increasing with an estimated 1000 throughout the country. The growth in kosher foodservice, according to most sources is likely to continue in the years to come.