May 16, 2011

Kosher Food Trucks Coming to a Location Near You

Washington, DC… A ubiquitous presence on urban city streets, as well as the more wholesome cousin of the summertime ice cream truck and the grown-up brother of the simple street cart, the food truck has undergone a recent makeover and is now serving up gourmet meals across the country. Gone are the days when the term food truck conjured up the image of chain smoking cooks serving questionable meats. Instead, in the downtown sections of major cities across the country, one can find everything from a sit down traditional Bedouin-style meal to curbside sushi and turducken, all served from, and at times even inside, a food truck. And yes, even kosher has gotten bit by the food truck bug. The newest addition to the fold, a venture called Sixth & Rye, will begin rolling out on the streets of the nation’s capital later this month. The truck will be serving traditional “Jewish” deli style foods, such as pickles, pastrami, and even challah rolls. At this time the trucks kashrut status remains unknown, albeit the trucks owners have pledged to have a mashgaich present at all times. Sixth & Rye joins a unique club of kosher food trucks, including such known entities as Takosher in Los Angeles, a kosher truck proffering tacos and Mexican food, and Quick Stop Kosher, a dairy and pareve truck offering bagels, falafel, and Belgian waffles in New York City.