March 10, 2014

Kosher Drappier Champagne Hundreds of Years in the Making

NEW YORK — One of the more captivating stories behind the recently held Kosher Food and Wine Experience (February 24th, Chelsea Piers), sponsored by the Kedem Group, is that of Michael Drappier, a 7th generation family member dedicated to producing some of the world’s finest champagnes. Francis Drappier established the family’s first vineyard in 1808 in a town called Urville, located in North-Central France. Amazingly, the Cistercian Cellars built in 1152 are still used in the aging of Drappier products. With a population of just 156 in a 2008 census, Urville remains hidden among the rolling hills of the Drappier vineyards.

Five years ago, after 200 years of continuous craftsmanship in creating luxury wines and champagnes, the family was approached by the Royal Wine Company with a request to begin producing kosher champagne. Drappier Champagne has always been produced with organic ingredients in a clean, high quality setting, so the company knew they would be able to seamlessly adapt to the pure kosher standards Royal Wine demanded. The only concern the family faced was the process of Mevushal, flash-heating the wine for kosher pasteurization. “After hundreds of years and a time-tested recipe for our champagne, we were worried that the Mevushal process would affect the unique aromas of our products, “admitted Michael Drappier. “However, we quickly realized that Mevushal had no impact on the top-quality, artisan champagne we offer to our consumers.” The Drappier family is enthusiastically embracing the kosher market, with KFWE 2014 being their first large kosher experience in New York. Their kosher collection includes Carte d’Or and Carte Blanche Brut Champagne. Drappier kosher champagne is certified Pareve and Kosher for Passover by the OU.