December 14, 2015

Kosher Culinary Schools Ends Professional Training Program

Brooklyn NY - Jesse Blonder’s dream of training a new generation of kosher chefs in an era of extraordinary growth came to an abrupt halt, albeit the Brooklyn chef hopes temporarily. In a statement, Mr. Blonder said: “It is with great sadness that after 8 years, the CKCA team (Center for Kosher Culinary Arts) announces the closing of our Professional Training Programs. With pride and professionalism, we trained a community of culinary and pastry chefs who now share their skills and talent with the kosher food world. They bring exemplary skills and passion to restaurants, catering, manufacturing, media, management as personal chefs, and more. We know they will continue to make us proud.” Chef Blonder told Kosher Today that he would continue to offer various cooking classes to the community. He has become a fixture at the annual Kosherfest event where he sponsors and produces the Chef’s competition.

Sources told Kosher Today that Blonder’s extraordinary success in small space in Brooklyn was extremely impressive. However, the Chef could not find a partner to help him expand the program and had come under increasing pressure from state Vocational Education authorities. Blonder told Kosher Today that he “would regroup and search for ways to continue training chefs in this age of high demand for kosher chefs.” The Center for Kosher Culinary Arts was the only such school outside of Israel.