October 29, 2012

Kosher Cookbook Authors Team up With Upscale Grocers

BROOKLYN, NY -- Esther, a young Flatbush housewife, is looking for ingredients for a recipe she found in one of the many new kosher cookbooks to hit bookstore shelves. In fact, she keeps the page open in the top section of her cart.  

The synergy between the emerging cadre of home chefs and the upscale supermarkets is very much in evidence, so much so that one supermarket owner says that he regularly reads the cookbooks to make sure that he stocks the ingredients. It was no wonder then that noted kosher cookbook author Susie Fishbein chose to release her latest in a series of Kosher by Design cookbooks at the upscale Pomegranate supermarket. Fishbein’s recently released eighth book, Kosher by Design Cooking Coach, aims to “free people from the written word of recipes.” 

“I want to make people more comfortable and intuitive in the kitchen,” says Susie. “I’ve put my best ideas and techniques into this book, so that anyone who reads it can become a better kosher cook.” At the well attended launch, what started off as turkey-spinach eggrolls became turkey-stuffed portabella mushrooms and then spinach-turkey ziti. Fishbein will be one of a number of prominent kosher cookbook authors who will appear at a special session at next month’s Kosherfest (November 13-14, Meadowlands Exposition Center, Secaucus NJ).  

Another new recently released kosher cookbook Chic Made Simple, by Esther Deutsch, will also be on display at Kosherfest. Mrs. Deutsch is a New York–based food stylist, columnist, and recipe developer. She first made her mark as food editor of AMI magazine, one of a number of magazines catering to Orthodox families that feature a regular food section.