November 18, 2019

Kosher Consumers set to See Many More Kosher Products on Shelves

Secaucus NJ…by Sandy Eller, Special Kosher Today Correspondent…Fresh flavors and clean eating were everywhere at Kosherfest 2019 with the latest and greatest in kosher focusing on creating even more options on store shelves for those looking for wholesome, natural products that are as healthy as they are delicious.

As in past years, artisan breads and intriguing sauces figured prominently among the more than 350 exhibits, with pavilions featuring exhibitors from Israel, the Philippines, Costa Rica, India and Sri Lanka. Exotic Sauce Packaging continues to innovate with its Mikee sauces, winning three new product awards for its Ella Jolie truffle flavored hot sauces, a trio of mild salsas and two spice blends formulated especially for matza brei, while Agromonte’s pasta sauces balanced a variety of flavors with the sweetness of Sicilian cherry tomatoes. Phrases including vegan, organic, gluten free, non-GMO and allergy friendly were just about everywhere, from Zamaze, a plant-based meat substitute, to Sheese, a meltable Scottish vegan cheese alternative, to Betterine, a natural baking stick developed as a margarine alternative. Several exhibitors displayed diet-friendly cookies and snacks, giving those watching their weight the ability to enjoy a sweet treat without sabotaging their food plans.

Despite the emphasis on healthier fare, decadent treats abounded as well. Buzz Pops balanced a full shot of liquor with natural fruit-flavored sorbet in a frozen push pop created for adults, while Coco Jolie’s hand painted chocolates were exquisite, both in appearance and in taste. Crowds gathered around Emes Charcuterie to taste thinly sliced meats aged anywhere from six weeks to six months, including veal pancetta sliced so thin that it was nearly translucent. And among the many wines decanted at the show was Sauvage’s Apple Ripe, a fermented cider whose limited annual limited runs typically sell out at liquor stores.