December 1, 2015

Are Kosher Consumers Going “Nuts” Over Healthier Option

New York - Unless you’ve been living out in the wilderness for the past few years, you’ve definitely heard of Paleo, Whole30, South Beach, Juice Detox – the ‘down to basics’ diets that are all the rage these days. You can barely maneuver through the grocery store without overhearing conversations about juicing, raw foods, protein, coconut oil, and kale, lots of kale! One of the foods definitely cashing in on these new eating habits (or ancient depending how you look at it) is nuts. Pistachios, walnuts, cashews, almonds, peanuts; you name it and your local grocery is sure to have plenty of nut and trail-mix options for you, and so many are kosher certified.

Opening their doors in 2005, Bronx-based Terrafina is one such company that found itself ahead of the curve in the nuts, fruits, mixes, and granola industry. British-born founder James Locke, conceived the idea over a BBQ at a friend’s Brooklyn backyard one sunny afternoon, and as his dreams of satisfying healthy snacking needs around the world grew so did his business. “We started off in Brooklyn, in Park Slope South to be exact, but within two years we had outgrown our building. I really wanted to stay in New York, so the City helped us find our current location in the Bronx,” said Locke. “We work with hundreds of growers, suppliers to ensure the freshest products of the highest quality. After the cream of the fruit and nut crop are picked, we haul it to our facility in the Bronx and take care of all the packaging ourselves. We are all about sustainability, so sustainable ingredients, production, and packaging.”

Terrafina sells directly to stores from their Bronx location with a team of over 150 people who take care of production, sales, distributing, and delivery. “We pride ourselves on our 24 hour turn around, even for custom orders.” Terrafina’s product offerings include basic nut options, dried fruit and nut mixes, and confectionary items. Many of their products are certified under the OK Kosher Certification, but not every item has kosher certification, so buyers beware.