August 10, 2015

Kosher Consumers Face Higher Holiday Prices, But it Could Have Been Worse

New York - With Rosh Hashanah now a little more than a month away, there is already concern amongst kosher consumer about food prices for the coming holidays. According to many kosher food manufacturers and retailers, the surge in prices for such items as eggs and meat will result in some higher prices but will keep overall shopping basket increases to 6%-7% over what they were last year Rosh Hashanah. Food industry sources say that oil and gas prices have dropped recently, which should provide some relief. Prices for beef will be significantly higher than last year Rosh Hashanah, the experts say. "Beef is becoming a luxury in the U.S. market at this point," said Altin Kalo, an economist at Steiner Consulting Group. "The days of simply going to the grocery store and buying a few steaks… those are going to be few and far between," he said. But while they may give up on steaks, kosher consumers will most definitely keep the flanken, the pastrami and the lamb chops.