December 6, 2018

Kosher Consumers, Diners Prepare for Higher Prices in New York

New York, NY…With a looming minimum wage of $15 an hour on January 1st, kosher consumers and diners are preparing for the imminent rising prices. The higher minimum wage is on top of sharp increases in many commodities such as oil and wheat which are also driving up prices. Industry sources told Kosher Today that the new minimum wage will create a chain-reaction “that begins with manufacturers and passes through brokers and distributors and down to retailers.” Kosher food prices have been slowly creeping up over the past few years even in stores that pride themselves as offering discounted lower prices. Kosher supermarkets say that increased wages have dramatically increased their overhead which is expected to rise even further next month. The implications of the rising employee wages will also be felt in kosher restaurants which will also have to comply with the new minimum wage. Prices in kosher restaurants have also been slowly rising and come 2019 are expected to go even higher to the chagrin of many kosher diners. Although some customers are negotiating the kosher food scene such as purchasing specials at Bingo in Boro Park, the prices are significantly higher than they were in 2015.