November 9, 2015

Kosher Consumers are Definitely Eating Healthier, Kosher Sources Say

New York - Sales of healthier foods, including gluten-free, natural and organic are “way up,” say kosher food sources. Recent health warnings about red meat have not significantly cut into the sale of beef and veal. One large supermarket told Kosher Today that there was a temporary drop, “perhaps a few days” after the World Health Organization study showing a link between processed and red meat consumption and cancer. Traditionally, poultry sales soar after such a report and it apparently did so this time as well. Kosher Today reported in a recent issue that more kosher supermarkets were designating aisles and even sections to the healthier products, thus becoming mini-Whole Foods stores. In Brooklyn, a new all-organic kosher food store is set to open soon. Called Organic Circle, it is believed to be the first kosher all-organic store in the USA. “Instead of hopping around to various health food stores to get limited products available at its small organic section, kosher organic food will now be available in abundance and in variety,” said Chaim Moshe Nussenzweig, CEO and founder of Organic Circle and of Mountain Fruit Supermarket.