February 6, 2017

The Kosher Consumer Gets a New Address: Kosher.com

New York - It has only been a few weeks since it went live and already an average of 5,000 people are visiting the site daily. In fact, the new kosher.com site has already secured “nearly 125,000 hits,” a clear indication that it is rapidly becoming the central medium for the rapidly growing kosher community. “We have by far surpassed our business target,” says Leah Gottheim, Vice President of Kosher.com. The brainchild of Mordy Herzog of Royal Wines, Kosher.com prides itself in being a “unifier” of the kosher community, bringing together disparate and often competing interests and brands, for the sake of a full presentation of the new world of kosher. Ms. Gottheim calls the site “the kosher conversation.” Indeed, it is a site where thousands of recipes are offered, including from the food sections of such popular magazines as Mishpacha, Ami and Binah. For the kosher adherent it is an opportunity to search for a recipe of such popular cookbook authors as Jamie Geller and Suzie Fishbein or see a cooking demonstration and kitchen tips from Victoria Dweck.  With segments of the kosher population not tuned into TV, Kosher.com offers “kosher entertainment in the form of popular cooking shows.” The business model for Kosher.com seems to be working in that it is an open forum for anything kosher and allows for interaction by a very dynamic audience. “The kosher community is not about just foodies anymore; it is a significant vibrant and dynamic population of kosher food loyalists,” said one observer. Kosher.com is in the process of uploading thousands of recipes from popular cookbooks as well as opening up to private people who wish to share their recipes.  It is rapidly becoming a must for anyone interested in kosher.