December 29, 2014

More Kosher Companies Resort to Social Media to Gain Brand Loyalty

NEW YORK — A growing number of kosher food companies have found new ways to interact with their current customers, as well as attract new potential ones by using social media. Companies are able to brand their products which helps familiarize followers with the “latest and greatest” the company has to offer. It is becoming a powerful tool in their effort to gain brand loyalty in an increasingly crowded kosher shelf.

Whether by posting pictures of ads that feature upcoming and existing products or having promotions using their social media, the use of such social media tools as Facebook and Instagram is becoming more common. They have become the place to really connect brands with their customers.

A fairly new approach that has been very successful in gaining followers, is by hosting a contest. These contests allow the company to feature new products, obtain customer feedback, and get an overall feeling of how their products are viewed by the everyday shoppers.

Norman’s Dairy, the cholov yisroel yogurt company and leading producer of Greek Yogurt products, has received a great deal of feedback through contests where followers repost images of new products, tagging friends, posting their own pictures of how they eat their yogurt, and using creative hashtags. Furniture companies, boutiques and technology stores have successfully followed this approach with a great deal of success.