January 26, 2015

Kosher Companies Eye Kids Market to Gain Competitive Edge

RUTHERFORD, NJ — Targeting children is not new to the kosher food industry, especially for distributors of “nosh” or snack items. Brands like Lieber’s, Paskesz, Bloom’s and Shneider’s have long targeted children. But now, the trend seems to be expanding to mainstream kosher foods as well. Norman’s Dairy last week introduced a line of Cholov Yisroel Greek yogurts, specifically targeting kids. They launched the new products with a “Me Too!” campaign, homing in on the fact that children often wish to imitate adults and the yogurt line provides the perfect healthy opportunity. The yogurt’s attractive, kid-friendly packaging appeals to children, while its nutritional value attracts their parents. The initial group of flavors also appeal to kids: Vanilla n’ Chocobits, Banana n’ Honey, Strawberry Jubilee, and Creamy Orange Blast.

Macabee Foods is another brand targeting kids with its Macababies Mini Pizza Bagels, smaller, kid-friendly version of their regular pizza bagels. Conveniently available in regular and value-sized packs, Macababies’ colorful, eye-catching packaging also attracts the younger consumer market. Since the brands inception in 1967, Macabee Foods has been a frozen kosher brand targeting children. Mini Pizza Bagels have been a leading item in the non-kosher snack category for over 30 years particularly in the Northeast.

“As the manufacturer of the #1 selling pizza bagel in the kosher market it seemed a natural fit to offer a kosher mini version made with Cholov Yisroel cheese.” says Michael Silverman, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Macabee Foods. In fact, many of Macabee’s other products are kid-friendly as well, such as their Pizza Bites and Mozzarella Sticks.

Marketers have long suggested that kids friendly products can help attract youngsters, particularly those that tag along on shopping trips. Slowly but surely kosher purveyors are following the lead of many national brands. Another brand targeting kids is Dr. Praeger’s offering such products as Lightly Breaded Fishies, Broccoli Littles, Potato Littles and Sweet Potato Littles. Now in its third decade, Dr. Praeger’s says its kids products are designed to deal with the growing problem of child obesity. “We offer an entire line of sensible products your children will love to eat! They’re all natural, low in saturated fat, and easy to make,” the Dr. Praeger’s website says.