April 18, 2018

Kosher Community, Led by Deb El Foods, Pitches in to Help Thousands of Jewish Poor

New York…In almost every Jewish community throughout the nation, Jewish Federations and other charity groups distributed millions of dollars of food to the omnipresent Jewish poor but none on the scope of New York’s Met Council on Jewish Poverty. According to David Greenfield, Executive Director of the agency, more than 180,000 poor Jews received food for the holidays. This included 66,000 lbs. of chicken, 50,000 lbs. of eggs, 25,000 lbs. of tilapia, 25,000 lbs. of tuna, 35,000 lbs. of jarred gefilte fish and 4,000 lbs. of frozen gefilte fish. Met Council distributed 1,000 tons of food through 997 volunteers and 120 community based organizations. Although many kosher purveyors either donated or deeply discounted the kosher food, Mr. Greenfield singled out Eliot Gibber of Deb El Foods who donated a tractor-trailer load of eggs, which was the largest food donation to the agency this year.