November 2, 2015

Kosher Community Continue to Make Inroads into On-Line Sales

New York - The kosher community continues to steadily embrace on-line grocery sales. Dan Dashevsky who founded My Cloud Grocer with Yehuda Vernik just 2 years ago has experienced that growth first-hand. He notes: “Our network of online grocery stores is growing rapidly. We continue to launch new client websites, and our shopper engagement metrics go up and up. More people are shopping every month, and their average order increases every month which translates to higher overall sales for our clients.” In fact, one of their clients is building a new order processing center, because their retail location doesn’t have enough space to accommodate the click-and-collect orders waiting for pickup. His partner Yehuda Vernik goes on to say, “We worked hard to develop a software platform that provides the very best user experience for our shoppers. People will only buy produce or meats from an electronic medium when the foods are beautifully presented with high definition photography that makes your mouth water.”

Grocery industry analysts believe online grocery sales will grow from 3% in 2014 to 12% by 2019. That’s more than $100 billion in annual online grocery sales within 3 years. The US lags behind the Europeans when it comes to online grocery shopping. If the analysts’ projections prove to be correct, then the US may finally start to keep pace. My Cloud Grocer is expanding their network with the launch of two new branded websites for Seasons and Grand & Essex within the next few months, adding to such well-known retailers as The Market Place, Western Kosher and Breadberry. The early entrants in online grocery shopping were Amazon and Walmart, but Target is catching up with the launch of their new online grocery website that offers home delivery or click-and-collect at a local brick-and-mortar location. These changes in the way Americans shop for groceries are making it tougher for the local grocery store to compete. Competition nowadays is in the hands of the consumer as they shop directly from their mobile device. According to My Cloud Grocer, “The online investment really pays off for our clients. They solidify their relationship with millennials and baby boomers, while they attract more Gen Y and Gen Z. These emerging targets are younger, more tech savvy shoppers who demand convenience and omni-channel options.”