December 20, 2016

Kosher Cheesecake Business Thrives Year-Round

New York - Most cheesecake lovers are probably unaware that they have the ancient Greeks to thank for their cheesecake obsession. Yet, the cheesecake of today really has less resemblance to curd cheesecakes of the past, and more affinity to the bricklike cream cheese cheesecakes made famous by the Jews of Manhattan’s Lower East Side in the 1930s. Nor is cheesecake only a food of choice on the Shavuot holiday in the Spring.

Riding on the popularity of what has become known as the New York style cheesecake, Lilac & Crème has created their own New Jersey version. What began as a simple hobby has turned into a thriving business for Mr. Baruch Green and his wife. “Cheesecakes were her specialty. Everyone knew her cheesecakes were the best,” says CEO Mr. Green of his wife. “So we thought why not let the world enjoy them instead of just our family and friends.” Since 2008, Lilac and Crème has grown from a small homegrown business to a thriving enterprise, shipping cheesecakes all over the country. “Our cheesecakes are made from the highest quality ingredients with the highest quality control. Although we’ve grown a lot since our home kitchen days, we’ve extended that homemade feel to the factory with all employees trained to pay the utmost attention to every detail of every cake. The response has been phenomenal!” Mr. Green explains. “Interestingly no two customers are the same. We receive personal once-off orders or gifts, as well as orders from caterers, hospitals, and schools.”

Orders can be made over the phone or on their newly launched website The cheesecakes are then hand delivered in the tri-state area or shipped frozen around the US. “We’ve even sent them as far as Australia, and they’ve held up perfectly. Our aim is to continue innovating in the food, gift, and dessert arena; and to expand further making our delicious products available to even more people.” Lilac and Crème currently offers 11 flavors, with many limited-edition flavors created for specific seasons only