October 4, 2011

Kosher Caterers Increasingly Catering in Unusual Settings

Baltimore, Md…Most kosher catering takes place in hotels and catering halls. Right? Wrong! For many kosher caterers of late, catering at home or in a tent has become a major part of their business, so much so that some have invested into mobile kitchens that are usually the back of a truck or van with a makeshift kitchen, including electric heating ovens and storage spaces for dishes and utensils.  In Rockville,  Tents helped turn the Franks home into a catering hall as the venue for their daughter’s Bat Mitzvah. A company called Tents covered the large backyard pool area with an event tent, and turned the pool itself into the dance floor. The result – an amazing venue space, one very unique dance floor, and an unforgettable party that even Hurricane Irene couldn't stop. Several purveyors of food and wine estimate that home events account for nearly 40% of all parties, a dramatic increase from just a decade ago. Ironically, one caterer pointed out that even the most elaborate tent and decorations coordinated by a party planner can be less expensive than a hotel. “Cost is definitely a consideration, although many of my customers simply want an intimate and different affair,” said the caterer. But caterers say, the desire to be different has taken them to football stadiums, circus arenas, golf clubs, and even a small airport terminal. The move towards the different settings has been a bonanza for party planners who are given the challenge of turning ordinary or less than ordinary space into an elegant catering venue. Many of the caterers admit that the “unconventional” kosher party is a challenge that they do not aspire to but say that it is necessary to stay competitive and that profit margins can make it worthwhile.