June 25, 2012

Kosher and Gluten-Free Benefit from Perception of Health in New National Study of Kosher Growth

CHICAGO -- "There is a feeling by many consumers that kosher is somehow better, more wholesome," says Mintel analyst Lynn Dornblaser. The latest report by the prestigious international research agency further supports the dramatic growth of kosher, well beyond traditional kosher consumers. 

Since 2007, says Mintel, more than a quarter of all new foods released each year have claimed to be produced in accordance with Jewish dietary laws. That's ten times the proportion of new kosher products back in 2002. 

Kosher’ was the most frequent health-focused on-package claim for new products in the food and beverage industry in 2011, according to THE new data from Mintel's Global New Products Database (GNPD).

 “Something similar is happening with claims about gluten,” Dornblaser says. Claims that a food is free of or low in gluten or other allergens are among the fastest growing types of claims made on new food products in recent years. Even people without a gluten sensitivity or celiac disease are opting for gluten-free products on the theory that if it's gluten-free, it must be healthy. 

Mintel looked at about 20,000 food products introduced in 2011 for their analysis. Visitors to the recent Fancy Food Show in Washington, DC (June 17-19) reported an unprecedented number of new kosher items, including many natural and gluten-free products.