June 3, 2013

Kosher Agencies Show Concern Over Devastation in Oklahoma City

Chicago…As soon as he learned of the devastation in Oklahoma City, Rabbi Sholem Fishbane of the Chicago Rabbinical Council checked in with his certified companies in the area. Amongst those he contacted was Jennifer Pease of Orange Leaf Yogurt. Her response: “Thanks so much for your email. As far as we know our Orange Leaf family is okay, but not sure about homes at this point. We appreciate your concern and prayers.” Manufacturers of healthy frozen yogurts, Orange Leaf features an extensive network of franchise stores. The Orthodox Union (OU) launched a fundraising effort to help the victims of the devastated Oklahoma City. “For many thousands of people it will take months or years to put their shattered lives back together,” wrote the OU. It concluded: “If you would like to help, please send your contribution through the Orthodox Union's Natural Disaster Crisis Fund. Your dollars will go directly to where they can be of most benefit."