January 8, 2018

KolSave Market Opens Today in Lawrence

Lawrence…The developers of the Gourmet Glatt chain of independent kosher stores opened a new “price and value-centered” kosher superstore in Lawrence. The KolSave Market is located at 11 Lawrence Lane (the former home of Brach’s). A new mega-size Amazing Savings, due to open in February, will share the Lawrence Lane complex, now named Savings Plaza. According to a spokesperson for KolSave Market, the new store “aims to help families stretch their food budgets without sacrificing quality.” Like traditional one-stop supermarkets, the store will feature fresh produce, meat, fish and deli departments. A full array of grocery products will include name brand and off-brand items, as well as regular packaging and larger quantity packaging designed to deliver even more savings and value. “KolSave Market is all about low prices and great value offered in an immaculate and comfortable shopping environment,” says the spokesperson. “We feel privileged to bring this unique, budget-friendly shopping experience to the community.”