November 16, 2009

Kolatin Makes Effective Use of its Kosherfest Presence as Show Becomes More of a ÒSelling ShowÓ

Secaucus, NJ….Several exhibitors at Kosherfest reported that they “wrote large orders” at the recently concluded Kosherfest. It was more evidence of the show evolving as a major “selling” event, particularly for the upcoming Jewish holidays of Chanukah, Purim and Passover. One exhibitor that effectively made use of its presence at Kosherfest was Kolatin Kosher Gelatin. Award-winning kosher cookbook author Susie Fishbein was a huge success at the booth, attracting many media interviews as well as numerous inquiries from curious buyers. She articulated the case for Kolatin to every passerby: "Kolatin unflavored, it’s just so versatile, there is so much that the product can do." Visitors received a copy of the Kosher by Design recipe supplement introducing Kolatin. Mrs. Fishbein explained how "by using Kolatin, it opens up a whole new world of fast and easy recipes." The source of gelatin is of concern to kosher consumers as well as Muslims. Many Muslims call the OU hotline to make sure that the gelatin is either from kosher animals or fish.

Kolatin has in recent years made enormous inroads with food manufacturers and of late in the retail market. Koltain is expected to release a new unflavored ingredient as well as a flavored dessert gels next month. According to Chez Eider, Vice President of Business Development of Glatech Productions, “Kosherfest was an enormous boost for our company, and we certainly benefited from having Susie Fishbein in our booth.” Many exhibitors commented on how Kolatin used its presence at Kosherfest to “more effectively brand its products.”