February 4, 2020

Kol Save, a Kosher Shopping Model that Fits Many People

Lawrence…The Five Towns has had its share of different model kosher stores, dating back to Brach’s. Howie Klagsbrun, who manages both the upscale Gourmet Glatt and Kol Save is particularly fond of the Kol Save model that offers consistently discounted prices and a broad range of quality kosher products. For shoppers the store is extremely convenient and easy to negotiate. But most importantly it carries many kosher private labels, including those from Shoprite, that are of good quality and often at a fraction of the price of pricier brand labels. Shoprite produces more than 1,500 private label kosher items. The difference in price between the private label and regular label items can be as much as 30%. What is most surprising to customers is that the model does not compromise on quality. Meats and dairy are just as fresh as they might be in the more upscale stores. The savings are realized in many ways, says Mr. Klagsbrun, including bagging your own items, but customers still enjoy the experience and especially the savings. For people who live in the Five Towns, the fact that there is a choice opens up the shopping experience for people with large and growing families. “There is nothing that is missing here,” says Mr. Klagsbrun as he walked the neat aisles. The boxes that are above the shelf are an instant inventory. “They move quickly from the top of the shelf on to the shelf,” he says.